Friday, April 9, 2010

Today's afternoon jog

Took the camera out with me for a jog today. It was a pretty day.

The area around me is a military complex. Now, I've already heard a story or two about foreigners who went to jail for taking pictures of the military during the dictatorship. But that's not gonna stop me! There were a ton of soldiers out today doing strategical/tactical exercises. I put my shoe up on the wall, tied my shoe, and snapped a picture from the camera next to the shoe.

This picture was not supposed to be up in the air, but I put it in here anyway.

I liked the statue.

The wife saw these photos and said, "you can't put these photos up with the trash there!" I explained to her that the reason I took the camera along for a jog was to take a picture of the burned out cars that seemed like they'd been here for years. She explained to me that these were stolen cars that get taken to chop shops, stripped of their parts, and then the thieves take the car to the side of the road and burn them. It didn't matter anyway, because they had taken all the cars away.

Something about this says "Houston" to me everytime I see it. Although this isn't a good example, there are lots of very interesting houses in my neighborhood. There's about 200 I think I'd like to take pictures of.

It was a pretty day.

The Rotary Club is everywhere.

You can't really see that there's an airforce base out in the distance.

I am currently listening to Michael Lewis' "The Big Short"

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