Thursday, May 23, 2013

Jennifer Noronha consulate general in Argentina did not make many friends

It appears that my posts on Jennifer Noronha and Vilma Martínez have struck a chord with a few people.  I have not checked the comments in years, so the queue was full of comments waiting to be approved.  I approved some of them on those posts.  If you go to those posts, you will find that I am clearly not the only person who had problems with Jennifer Noronha.  Fortunately one of the comments (which I have not confirmed) says that she has left Argentina and is now posted in Afghanistan.  I apologize to all the Afghans that will have to deal with her.

I should note that I have interacted a few times over the past year with the current American vice-cónsul in the Buenos Aires consulate / embassy, and I find him to be the consummate professional.  His name is Mike.  He is helpful, good-humored, and....actually knows the law he is charged with upholding.

The State Department and foreign service needs more people like Mike and less like Jennifer Noronha.

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