Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sudestada: best lunch in Buenos Aires still?

Lunching at Sudestada is one of those things I have to do when back in Buenos Aires.  So I did it this week.  It was a bit of a nostalgic trip in from the burbs for me, as I retraced quite a few of my old routes and saw places where I used to live.

A few observations:
1.  It is cheap again.  Using the unofficial (and technically illegal, although also essentially de facto) exchange rate, lunch at Sudestada was only a bit over 6 bucks.
2.  They did not recognize me.  I guess this is what happens when you stop visiting for a couple years.  Of course, the two waiters who were there that day were probably the waiters who did lunch less during the years I was there so frequently.
3.  It is now 60 pesos.  50 pesos for the menú ejecutivo plus 10 for the mandatory cubierto.  When I started going there 5 years ago, it was 21 pesos + 3 for the cubierto.     That is inflation of 150% in 5 years.  And yet the Kirchners still make the ridiculous (and disproven) claim that inflation is only 9% per year.
4.  It was not spicy, probably because they did not recognize me.
5.  They seem to have made the appetizer cheaper.   The portion size of the main course seemed to have actually returned to its previous size.

It was a strange but enjoyable feeling to be looking out at the blue sky from Sudestada again over a glass of red wine.   Is it still the best?  No lo sé, but it is still my favorite.

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